"This book about project management is definitely the best down-to-earth guidance I have come across in one place in more than 30 years of reading about, writing about, and doing project management. Whether you are brand new to product development or an accomplished project manager, there is much in this book for you to learn. This book is a best read for all types of project managers."
- Gerald Mulenburg, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (retired) Review published in the Journal of Product Innovation & Management

"Provides a spark of insight and energy to nudge a Project Manager over an obstacle or constraint that is hindering the project flow, and the variety of topics covered makes the book timely and invaluable."
- Earl W. Crisp, D. P. A., adjunct instructor, Mamagement Department Univ. of Texas at Arlington and College of Business at Dallas Baptist University

"Very impressed! You have succeeded in explaining and discussing what is common for all projects no matter what business you are in. I have learned a lot from your book."
- Olav Bjørnson, Project Manager, Aker Kværner Systems a.s, Oslo, Norway

"An invaluable read for anyone who is serious about project & program success! An absolute must read for project sponsors in general."
- Romeo Mitchell, Senior Program Manager, HP Canada

"The title and cover looked so interesting ... I couldn't wait to see the inside of the book. You have done a marvelous job in writing this book, every word speaks … and this is the beauty of the book. The language is very simple and easy to understand, sequence of topics and contents also flow very well. Congratulations!"
- Syed Ali, President, IT Management Special Interest Group Canadian Information Processing Society

"I really like the structure of the book. Chapters are short. Chapter titles are accompanied by illuminating subtitles. Each chapter starts with a quote and finishes with a Chapter Summary. Each summary concludes with Learning Lessons to Avoid the Ratholes and Best Practices for Catching the Pot of Gold. There is much to like in the book … Kothari offers good advice and distinctive perspectives throughout his book. Take your time with the book. It will pay off for you."
- Hal Macomber, President, Reforming Project Management

"Glad to see a book written by a passionate professional. It synthesizes huge knowledge and experience of Project Management and the best of ideas in taking project management to results."
- Dr. K. Momaya, Associate Professor, Dept. of Management Studies Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, India

"Novel take on the angst of a project manager/sponsor. Provides a training framework and is an interesting read.
- Bob McClelland, Director, Transportation & Works Division Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, Canada

"Wonderful read! I wish I had this book years ago. Finally there is a book with all the concepts, best practices and examples all in one place. I have already used some of the concepts in the book.
- Tony Josevski, P. Eng., PMP

"Describes the subject clearly and succinctly. A deceptively simply book that takes the reader out of the clouds and plunks him/her down firmly on the ground … I appreciate the way you consistently nudge people to work together with others, and think ahead. This would be a great book to use as a textbook, in a course with multiple case studies.
- Dr. Michel Desjardins, Professor, Faculty of Religion & Culture Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario Canada

"Well organized and written in plain, generic terms and simple language, appealing to anyone from novice to the well seasoned in our profession. A brilliant piece of work!
- Bill Geraats, President, VISTA Learning Services
This book is a very handy little publication, packed with good advice – especially for those relatively new to project management and working in information technology related organizations.
- R. Max Wideman, Fellow, PMI (Project Management Institute)